Daisy Chain Ceramics was born from the need to heal through art. Anna Housman, a sewist of over 16 years needed a new craft. After having her first child, the ability to sit for long periods of time to follow detailed directions and precise measurements no longer computed with her brain. And following the miscarriage of her daughter Daisy, Anna needed an outlet. Anxiety, depression, and panic attacks left her searching for something grounding. That would soothe her frazzled nervous system and hold space for her to be present and “in the moment.” When she discovered a pottery studio within walking distance from her house in November of 2020, Anna took it as a sign and jumped in wholeheartedly. Within a year Anna had purchased a wheel and kiln and sweet-talked her husband into converting their detached dirt-floor garage into a fully functional studio. The rest is history.

Daisy Chain Ceramics would not be here today without the unwavering support of Anna’s husband, her close friends, and family. Her coworkers, who bought everything she made in the beginning! And the Oxford community.