Delightfully functional.

Welcome. I am glad you are here!

Let’s be honest here. I’m not sure what you or I will walk away with from this experience. I don’t have grand plans for this blog or my site. Other than that I am hoping you find something that brings you peace, solace, joy. Whatever it is that your soul is in need of. Whether that is by reading some of my thoughts or purchasing a piece of pottery that connects with you.

Daisy Chain Ceramics is still evolving for me. I have perfectionist tendencies and want to hold onto a thought, idea, creation until I am certain that it is perfect. But that is not always the most healthy mindset and I am working on taking imperfect action. I do not yet have a set aesthetic. I am experimenting and creating, and truly, I cannot house all of my creations. So here we are! Enjoy.