Photos by Madalyn Yates Photography (

There is a distinct joy, as a maker, in finding others who just get what you are doing. Whether you are making cermaics, photography, or creating a space to share with others. When you find those other people, those other makers, it is just so exciting!

That is what is was like finding a kinderd spirit in Ashley (Instagram: 216virginiaave).

One day, I received a comment on one of my Instagram posts from a handle I didn’t recognize.

“Love this mug so much!!”

So I clicked on the handle and thought to myself “Woah!” What I found was a collection of images of a beautifully curated space. Historic. Quirky. Vintage. Perfectly styled. All the things I love! Owner, Ashley, had renovated an old general store in the nearby lake-side town of Clarksville, VA. I knew I needed to be connected to such a special place.

Fastforward a few weeks, and I had the pleasure of hand-delivering a set of custom mugs up to 216 Virginia Ave for guests to enjoy during their stay. It took no time to decide what these mugs should be. The 216 Mug needed to be classic. I wanted it to be a tactile experience for the drinker. It had to be done in my blue splatterware glaze! Argueably, it is a fan favorite. It was going fit the aesthetic perfectly. This glaze is matte white and the blue specks create a subtle texture that is a real treat to hold. But I wanted to make it unlike my current splatterware mug. In comes the blue band.

Since delivering these mugs, I have made one final alteration to the “216 Mug.” Now, at the base of the handle you will find, in gold luster, the numbers “216.”

Later this summer the guests of 216 Virgina Ave will be able to pop downstairs and pick up one of these mugs from The Corner at Two One Six (a new shop where you can find art, gifts, and more!) and take a little of their lake life vacation home with them!